Character Animation


New Release AMS 5.0


I am happy to announce the latest release AMS 5.0 is available for Maya® 2014 - 2017.




AMS Tools in Maya®.

The concept of motion design in AMS is to create character specific motion libraries.

A good start are locomotions to give characters the ability to move around. The next step is to create transitions between the different walk styles.

With the basic locomotion sets being prepared, actions and behaviours are required to give characters tasks to perform and to express their emotions.

The idea is to build up small pieces of animations in the traditional way of hand animation.

Previsualization can be quickly achieved combining preset samples.

All animations remain editable and can be recorded to a single working set.

Tweaking animations is usually done in several steps whilst keeping backups to easily return to previous stettings.

The AMS Tools support in capturing poses as preset files allowing to transfer and mirror selections of attributes.

All informations, single poses or animations are shared among all AMS characters.

Random Motion can be used to automatically alter timing and scale of motions which is a bringer of ideas aswell as a good way to examine how expandable motions behave.

Character scale attributes are editable which supports the transfer of animations to characters with different proportions.

Motion files are stored as PCY (pose cycle motion) data. In addition to the default rig attributes, users can create up to 120 special attributes. Eg. motion of a suitcase while walking, manually made cloth deformation, cracks on a surface after a jump etc. This additional information becomes part of the pcy-files.

Targets can be placed in the scene and act as landmarks passing information to AMS characters where to go and what to do.

The newly integrated support of a Logitech GamePad enables to play predefined animations.


3D Automated Motion Systems (AMS)® is a program providing character animation tools for Maya®.

The AMS tools perfectly fit to match any working environment of character animation, especially the production of series greatly benefits from the possibilities to reuse and transform animation data. The use of all tool is illustrated in detail in the accompanying video tutorials. Enabling users to master all tools within the shortest possible time.


AMS 4.0 Features

  • Pose Cycle System
  • Target Navigation
  • Timing/Blend Tool
  • Move Node Tool
  • Global Cycler
  • Facial Expression
  • AMS Characterizing
  • Logitech GamePad Device
  • 3D Target System
  • Transition Blending
  • Random Motion
  • AMS Vehicles
  • AMS HumanIK Integration
  • AMS Color Themes
  • AMS Virtual Character
  • AMS XGen Conversion
  • AMS Sprites
  • AMS ParticleInstancer


Since 2000 I am focusing on the development of 3D Automated Motion Systems. Optimizing the workflow and implementing new features.

If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to let me know. I would be happy to answer your questions and recieving your feedback.

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  • Services.
    Visual Engineering develops and distributes 3D Automated Motion System (AMS).
  • Development.
    Short introduction of AMS displaying the tool features.
  • Animation.
    Character animation samples created with AMS animation tools in Maya®.